GENIE Filling Kit with 10′ Extension Hose 300bar




GENIE Filling Kit with 10′ Extension Hose 300bar

Elevate your balloon-filling game with our extension hose kit, designed to provide convenience and versatility. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace efficiency with multiple adaptors compatible with latex, auto-foil, and the multi-purpose trigger. Whether you’re filling balloons for a party or event, our kit ensures seamless operation.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Adaptors: Our extension hose kit comes with a variety of adaptors including latex, auto-foil, and the multi-purpose trigger, offering flexibility in balloon filling.
  • Universal Outlet: Experience hassle-free usage with the inclusion of a universal outlet, ensuring compatibility with different setups.
  • Multiple Outlet Options: Enjoy convenience and efficiency with multiple outlet options, catering specifically to Genie 300bar cylinders.
  • Complete Kit: Everything you need for efficient balloon filling is included in this kit, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Upgrade your balloon-filling process today with our extension hose kit. Say hello to convenience and bid farewell to traditional methods.


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