Helium Gas Hire

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Helium Gas Cylinder Information

Selecting the correct size of a balloon gas cylinder is of paramount importance, as it plays a crucial role in determining the number of balloons you can successfully inflate. To simplify this process, we provide comprehensive charts that allow you to easily identify the appropriate cylinder size needed for your specific requirements. These charts not only streamline the decision-making process but also offer valuable insights into the typical number of latex balloons that can be achieved with each cylinder when inflated properly.

When working with 9” balloons, it's important to note that the average volume per balloon is approximately 0.007 m³. On the other hand, 11” balloons are based on an average volume of 0.011 m³ per balloon. By understanding these volume metrics, you can optimize the efficiency of your balloon preparation process.

To enhance the overall efficiency of your balloon preparations, it is crucial to leverage the information provided in our charts. These charts serve as a practical guide, aiding you in selecting the optimal cylinder size for your specific needs. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, making informed decisions regarding balloon gas cylinder sizes ensures a seamless and successful inflation process.

Gas Operating Instructions

Safety Advice

Proper Storage:
- Store the cylinder upright to prevent toppling.
- Secure the cylinder using safety stands and straps, available separately from Sultani Gas.

Ventilation is Key:
- Always keep the cylinder in a well-ventilated area.
- Avoid storing in damp areas to maintain gas quality.

Fire Safety Measures:
- Keep away from fire hazards and sources of heat.
- In case of a fire, vacate the area and promptly call the Fire Brigade, specifying the presence of a balloon gas cylinder.

Handling High Pressure:
- Balloon gas is stored at high pressure.
- Never open the cylinder valve without the appropriate filling kit attached.
- Tighten the valve securely when the cylinder is not in use.

Transportation Guidelines:
- Ensure good ventilation when transporting cylinders in vans or cars.
- Always secure cylinders during transit to prevent accidents.

Filling Kit Removal Protocol:
- Remove the filling kit before moving the cylinder or ceasing its use.
- Turn off the cylinder valve and release pressure in the filling kit before removal.

Follow these guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience with your balloon gas cylinder.

Cylinder Equipment

Latex Balloon Filling Kit

Our most popular filling kit – this equipment is for filling latex balloons (un-valved). Just tilt the nozzle to fill the balloon.

Universal filling kit

This equipment allows you to fill any balloon type with or without valves. Just push in the end to fill the balloon. The adjustable end allows filling of different valve sizes.

Universal Filling Kit with Gauge

Our universal outlet kit with a gauge. For those who want to know how much gas is left and only need a single Universal outlet.

GENIE Universal Kit 300bar

GENIE® universal balloon filling kit to suit all balloon types including valved or non valved balloons