How the journey started

We are a small family run business with over 15 years’ experience in the trade.We could tell you all about how Sultani Gas Ltd started all day long, but long story short, it all started in dominos pizza restaurant back in 2016 when Mo and Jo were having lunch after a long day of house moving.

Sultani Gas Logo

Customer Service

Taking every single thing in consideration now we have great quality products, fantastic service, value our customers above everything else. We live and work by these values as a business, the customer focus, quality of products etc.

International Shipping

Sultani Gas Ltd importers and distributors of our own brand of Heli Box helium balloon gas cylinders, which we fill in our UK based warehouse and wholesale to trade customers throughout the UK and the Europe. We are one of the leading brands and bottled helium gas suppliers of retail helium in the country We recognise that as with many other products, people love to add that personal touch, so we have also incorporated a service where you can have each box printed with your own design and colour, the choice is yours.

Rated 4.9/5

Branded Helibox design or bespoke designs

We have our own designer who can do your branded box (for a small fee) or we send you the template for the artwork and you can send us your design so we make it as easy as possible just to get everything to your specification.

The minimum quantity order for the custom branded box must be discussed in person and quantity and terms will be agreed individually per customer.